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  • Tuesday ,21 May 2019

The Committee for the regulation of churches

Youseef Sidhom

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Tuesday ,21 May 2019

The Committee for the regulation of churches

The file of legalizing the status of existing and unlicensed churches is one of the important files that Watani newspaper is concerned about. The total number of churches and its services buildings, which submitted their papers to the Committee for the legalization purposes according to the law, reached 3730 churches that the committee started working on them on 28 September 2017. The Committee issued its last decision on  April 21, 2019, which was published in the newspaper as well.

This decision was issued by the Prime Minister to reveal the  number of legalized churches, which reached 111 churches and service buildings. The total number of the legalized churches reached then 864 churches out of 3730, which represents 23% in 20 months.  This means that 2866 churches and services buildings are waiting, which represents 77% of the total work. This means that it would take 66 month in addition to the previous 20 months.
Here I repeat that the spirit that accompanied the study, legislation and promulgation of the law of building and restoration of churches came quickly that didn t reflect such delay and slow rate of achievement. We should thank the committee and wait for a lot to be achieved.