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  • Wednesday ,29 May 2019

Egyptian students produce the submarine

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Wednesday ,29 May 2019

Egyptian students produce the submarine

Marwa is a member of Robotic team, consisting of 25 students at the Faculty of Engineering, and shared a success story to design of a submarine, which carries the waste and tracks gas and oil pipelines using remote control. 

The submarine is not the only one designed by the team participating, but there is another submarine that they oversaw its making by secondary and primary school students in Alexandria. 
Marwa said to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper that her team is the only Egyptian and Arab team participating in an international competition organized by the US Navy in Tennessee, where the lake in that city have a dam that needs maintenance, and the submarine will participate in the competition to examine the dam. 
The submarine was invented by the team of faculty of engineering and other students aged 11 and 17 years.  Moreover, Robotics have participated in several competitions and made several designs including submarines and mechanical minesweepers and was honored from several organizations.
Greetings to Marwa and her colleagues and to those who will support them in producing their invention and travel costs to the United States.