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  • Monday ,03 June 2019

Mohamad Salah did it

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,03 June 2019

Mohamad Salah did it

Finally, Mohamad Salah could achieve on of the most valuable championship in Europe. We all were waiting for this moment to come. We say how Salah was playing well and be striker of the England league for two times in a row. 

 Salah did his best this year with his team to be able to achieve the England league, but they lost it was only one-point difference between Liverpool and Manchester city. 
Salah although he didn t take part in the second match against Barcelona, however, he wore a T-shirt saying, “Never give up” and Liverpool did the miracle and won against Barcelona 4-0. 
Salah T-Shirt became the slogan for every Egyptian and everyone tries to keep the hope up while the Egyptian football team close to start the African championship. 
We all hope that the Egyptian team will do good and make good results to make all Egyptians happy especially after a long time of disappointing.