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  • Thursday ,06 June 2019

Christ died to give us life

By-Samia Ayyad

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Thursday ,06 June 2019

Christ died to give us life

The death of Christ was meant to give life. Death couldn t stand up to the force of life in Him. Resurrection made his death a sacrifice, power, and glory. 

Father Ibrahim Azer, priest of St. Paul and St. Anthony Church in Beni Suef, said in his article entitled  Head of life  that Lord Jesus decided to be such sacrifice on behalf of the whole world in order to give it salvation. 
Through His death, Jesus Christ invited us to carry the cross with joy and giving thanks. He accepted pain and didn t escape from death. Moreover, he declared he was Christ, but didn t perform any miracle during the judgment process till he died.
The Lord Jesus has willingly died according to the Divine Plan and resurrected from the death to give us life. He had declared several times that He is the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Him will live, even though they die. Therefore, His life was stronger than death. He is truly risen from the dead and gave us His life and joy. He is alive and gives life to those who want.