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  • Monday ,10 June 2019

Humiliating the Copts

By-Hani Sabry

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Friday ,07 June 2019

Humiliating the Copts

A Coptic Christian woman from Shousha village in Minya disappeared before she appeared declaring she had converted into Islam and got married to a Muslim man. She decided to return to the village and dwell in the house next to her family. Fanatics in the village are trying to humiliate the Copts in the village by celebrating their victory of catching this woman. They are even trying to attack a number of Copts to incite a sectarian strife.

Indeed freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution, but according to the law, she must get divorced from her Christian husband before she gets married to another.
I call the wise people of the village to control the fanatics who incite a sectarian strife and won t stop till they ignite the fire in the village. Police also have to intervene and show respect for the law and to ensure safety of the Copts in that village. 
We also call on the Higher Committee to confront the sectarian incidents issued by the President of the Republic Decree No. 602 of 2018 to take all precautionary measures necessary in accordance with the law to face such a crisis.
All Egyptians need to unite and preserve national unity against those who are trying to destroy it by all means.