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  • Tuesday ,11 June 2019

Visiting graves on feasts

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Tuesday ,11 June 2019

Visiting graves on feasts

How painful it is to write about the martyrs at the time we supposed to rejoice. It is so sad to see innocent young people die for no good reason even though they died for their homelands. They were supposed to celebrate the feast and may have visited the graves according to the Egyptian customs to remember the dear ones who died, but they may have never expected to join them on that day!

The recent terrorist attack in Sinai brought new brave soldiers into the grave whose families knew they are serving the country and willing to sacrifice their souls for it. 
They went to the graves to invoke a new line in the name of a martyr on the grave, which became so full of martyrs asking for revenge and to close the gate of hell called Gaza crossing that brings terrorists to kill our sons.
The widows and orphans of our soldiers are waiting for revenge and asking for justice. Dear readers, there is no cowardly terror, but there is terrorism that needs brave men to destroy it and face it by thought and weapons.