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  • Monday ,17 June 2019

Saudi is liar

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,17 June 2019

Saudi is liar

Sisi and Saudi Arabia try to convince the whole world that they are fighting terrorism and in fact they are the one to create the atmosphere for terrorism to exist and grow everywhere. 

Saudi s leaders and the crown prince ordered to kill the Saudi s Journalist Jamal Kashogi and still lying about it. Saudi leaders are the killer outside of the law and took revenge of an innocent person because he was criticizing the crown prince. 
The last report from the UN referred to Saudi leader as the one responsible of killing Jamal Kashogi and keep repeating the same lie that the crown prince had nothing to do with this crime.
In fact, with us supporting all tyrant regimes in the region that in the long run will result in creating injustice and that injustice will hurt everyone. 
Saudi Arabia created the terrorism around the world and now want us to believe that they will fight it!!