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  • Wednesday ,19 June 2019

Sword or gold

By-Abdul Moneim Badawi

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Wednesday ,19 June 2019

Sword or gold

It is said that Al-Mu   izz li-Din Allah the Fatimid upon entering Egypt, he gathered around him scientists and dignitaries said to them:    This is the my gold and this is my sword. Both are valid for those who claim any! Indeed, he did not need a sword, since his gold was more powerful and far-reaching. 

Governors have the power of the carrot and the stick in the form of sword and gold. In the days of Abbasids, the men of science and the intellectuals realized the size of corruption mixed with authority. They knew that they are not allowed to share power, but rather to follow the decisions of the governors as much as possible.
I remembered this story when I heard the statements of the manager of education quality department of education ministry who said that education in Egypt is a model for Europe and America! This weird statement followed another by Minister of Health who said that Egyptians are currently enjoying their best welfare time. I advise such officials to show more humility and less hypocrisy.