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  • Thursday ,20 June 2019

Martyr of terrorists and extremists

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Thursday ,20 June 2019

Martyr of terrorists and extremists

I don t like writing about this case since it hurts me and make me worried about the homeland. This Martyr Abanoub Nageh was killed twice: the first one by the bullets of the terrorists who attacked his ambush and the second by the extremists who refused to call a school on his name because of his Christian name and faith! This decision was issued by Governor of Assiut who visited his mother to offer his sincere condolences. 

The governor is indeed trying to encourage patriotism and equal citizenship among the Egyptians, just like president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, and to teach young children about the martyrs who died to save their lives and homeland.   
Days have passed and nothing happened among rumors about extremists who refuse to call a school on the name of a Coptic soldier. No statement was issued by the government to explain the situation. Personally, I don  t think that people of Qusia would prevent calling a school on the name of a Coptic martyrs. This great city was the capital of section 14 of middle Egypt and managed to stop the invasion of the Hiksous and received the Holy Family for 185 days. This city receives nearly 5 million visitors at St. Mary celebrations each year would never do that!
However, this is the third case in which a Coptic martyr  s name wouldn  t be called on a school because of the fanatics. The Egyptian state is working hard to encourage equal citizenship, but fanatics or the fifth row wouldn  t allow this. The President visits the Great Cathedral and call it a house of God, but the fanatics prohibit congratulating the Christians on their feasts. The president donates to build the biggest cathedral in the middle east, but the same fanatics prohibit building churches and incites against building them. The governor of Assiut issues a decision to call the name of a Coptic martyr on a school, but the fanatics reject and prevent such decision. Where is the constitution and law? where are the police and security agencies? where are the MP  s of the governorate who need the votes of the Copts? Such actions make the Copts feel their blood shed for the homeland is worthless. Thanks for the governor of Assiut and let me express my fears not for the Copts, but for the homeland and the president.