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  • Friday ,21 June 2019

Egypt and Africa

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Friday ,21 June 2019

Egypt and Africa

Egypt in the last five years embraced the African continent after the lifting of the freeze on its membership in the African Union. This year it became the President of the Union and gave great concern to the African countries. Egypt received the African youth in Aswan Upper Egypt and launched an intuitive to treat 1 million Africans, which is an international version of the Presidential initiative to treat 100 million Egyptians.

Then Egypt embraced the first African anti-corruption forum in Sharm El-Sheikh (AACF) aiming to establish a shared knowledge base between different regions of the continent on the risks of corruption and its severe negative effect on development. Yet, there was nothing said about those with corrupted conscious who refused to call a school after the name of a Coptic martyr called Abanoub, which is the third case in few months.
I don   t know much about the activities of the African Anti-Corruption forum, but what I know is that Egypt has a great amount of corruption that was reported by the President over and over again, and is revealed over and over by anti-corruption agencies. So, what are we transferring among our experiences in corruption? Should we fight corruption on the higher scale rather than on the ground? 
Egypt hosted the African Nations Cup which was opened today, and of course we host it to enjoy football on new platform prepared for the event and to force the Egyptians to watch their content including art, sport and politics. Corruption in addition to many practices of the government make people suffer.