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  • Wednesday ,26 June 2019

Intolerance and racism

By-Ayman Mounir

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Wednesday ,26 June 2019

Intolerance and racism

A repetitive scenario of attacking the Copts by angry mobs denotes ignorance and racism, ignited by lack of renewal of religious discourse and disrespect for the other religious.

Imam of a mosque calls people to attack a church of a service building aiming to mute sound of Christian prayers. I hope that such fanatic leaders will leave office soon before they set the homeland on fire. I also hope that religious discourse will be renewed instead of spreading such destruction.
This goal can t be achieved without renewal of curricula and showing respect for the constitution and law. Freedom of worship should be respected even for the atheists. 
Coptic Christians are willing to sacrifice their souls for their country which is blessed in the Holy Scriptures. They pray for peace and prosperity of their homeland.
Only Egypt settled and remained alone on its own, emerging from the neck of the bottle and from the Arab Spring ... which was never a spring but was an Arab hell because it is mentioned in the Bible (Mubarak, my people Egypt). God said my people and did not say a people ... Without Copts Egypt will not upright Egypt We pray for the President, the country, the homeland and the safety of its lands in all our prayers in the churches, and there is also its name, Ochia, the court, and the president, which we always pray in our holy places.