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  • Wednesday ,26 June 2019

Egypts Ministry of Interior foils Muslim Brotherhood plan to disrupt national economy: Statement


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Wednesday ,26 June 2019

Egypts Ministry of Interior foils Muslim Brotherhood plan to disrupt national economy: Statement

Egypt s Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Tuesday revealing that it has foiled a plot orchestrated by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other elements, attempting to disrupt the country s national economy.

The ministry s statement confirmed it has arrested a number of people who are involved with 19 different illegal companies and economic entities affiliated with the MB s leadership and cadres.
The ministry said it arrested Mostafa Abdel-Moez Abdel-Sattar, Osama Abdel-Aal El-Akabawy, Ahmed Abdel-Geliel El-Ghanam, Omar Mohamed El-Shiniety, Hossam Moenes Saad, Hesham Fouad Abdel-Aleem and Hassan Mohamed Hassan and Ziad El-Aleimy, a former parliament member in the 2012 People s Assembly.
Among those arrested are an aide to sitting MP Ahmed Tantawy and other employees of his office. They are all currently under investigation.
The ministry said it has seized organisational documents and electronic devices. The total financial transactions of the involved entities amount to EGP 250 million ($15 million).
According to the statement, the scheme was mainly focused on building paths of illegal cash flow from abroad. This falls in line with the MB, fugitive forces, and other enemies of the state financing acts of violence and rebellions against state institutions. The ministry also announced that is has uncovered a hostile scheme dubbed "Plan of Hope," which was organised by fugitive MB leaders in coordination with those who claim to represent civil political forces.
The ministry said that Egypt s High State Security Prosecution will carry out investigations in the case.
An informed source told Ahram Online that the MB is trying to regain a foothold on the ground as an attempt to disrupt Egypt s stability, as well as that of the Arab region.
The source noted that this comes with the involvement of MB members and former MP Ziad El-Aleimy, in cooperation with other civil political powers.
"The MB terrorist organisation s finances are being used by countries that support terrorism in order to infiltrate Egypt s economy and create a state of chaos with the cooperation of civil political forces and a current member of parliament," the source added.