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  • Thursday ,27 June 2019
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The house of the Lord


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Thursday ,27 June 2019

The house of the Lord

Our Coptic Church is the secret of the joy of our lives because it is the House of God and the residence of the Angels. Thus, David the Prophet said: I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

Bishop Pachomius, former acting Patriarch, said in his article the Church is the place of joy that the church offers us the ways to ensure our gladness and joy.
The church has many holy sacraments that aims to bring us salvation, including baptism in which we are born again, the secret of repentance, and Communion. In the Church, people share their good and bad moments and try to find solution to their problems.
The church is like a mother that feels for her children and share their joys and even hardships and help them to solve their problems. 
Therefore, the Church has the responsibility of educating the new children on the Christian spiritual teachings. Here, we should make sure we have strong ties to the church as members of one body. Let s walk in the path of the church as the pure bride of our Lord Jesus.