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  • Friday ,28 June 2019

Is the war close?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,29 June 2019

Is the war close?

After Iranian downed the American drone and claiming some parts of the downed American drone were recovered from Iranian territorial waters near the Kooh Mubarak area.

Trump announced yesterday that he ordered to stop strike on Iran in the last minute on Friday, he claimed that the strike was going to result on killing about 150 persons and that s why he decided to stop the strike.
Unfortunately, in my opinion the US doesn t care so much about how many people will die in any ware. American killed a lot of civilians in Iraq and they didn t care about that at all.
It s very clear that the American power deteriorating, and they can t enter a war against Iranina for many reasons:
Iranian are very powerful country and has many supporters in the time of the war such as Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and all of these powers owns a nuclear weapon which make it hell if any of these countries use such weapon to support Iran.
Second, this war might turn to be a world war and will cause chaos everywhere in the world and this war might lead to a new international system with multi powers and that what US doesn t like it to happen at least in the current moment.