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  • Tuesday ,02 July 2019

Disappearance and Islamization

By-Magda Sidhom

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Tuesday ,02 July 2019

Disappearance and Islamization

All cases of disappearance of Coptic women who have recently disappeared have been linked to a romantic relationship first and then Islamization. We have never heard about a woman who was convinced by the Islamic Sharia and had the courage to declare their conviction in public. 

But the whole subject of Islamization of minor girls can t be accepted since they are too young to understand even their own religion, not to mention another religion full of contradicting explanations. Moreover, older women are usually involved in romantic relationship with a Muslim man and I believe those usually suffer in their new life, which is very different in life style, and the way of thinking. 
In that case, they fear disgrace or even to face death or threatening the life of her family members. They accept Islamization to avoid such disgrace. This is also called forced Islamization.
I hope those who return have some courage to tell us exactly what happened with them ever since they shut down their cell phone till they returned. I believe this would help us understand the evil plans of forced Islamization in our country that we demand having a civil state offering everybody equal citizenship, and peaceful life.