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  • Friday ,05 July 2019

A message to the Copts

By-Samia Najib

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Friday ,05 July 2019

A message to the Copts

We talked repeatedly about the Islamization of girls, and everyone knows that most of them have willingly converted to Islam, and I don t write this article about those girls, but about the role of the family and the church in such cases.

In our community, girls can t talk openly about their romantic relations to their families, but they can talk to their father of confession if they can trust them, which is rare these days. This is such a big problem in our community and our churches. At the end, it is a matter of love that should be offered inside our families and churches.
We talk about building homes on the rocks instead of sand and this is exactly what should we have inside our homes.  
We have a good examples in our Coptic martyrs of Awr village who have not denied their faith and welcomed death.  Moreover, we shouldn t condemn those who fail since they already suffer. We should welcome those who repent like Jesus Christ taught us. Yet, we should learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them again.