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  • Friday ,05 July 2019

Doubts always there

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,05 July 2019

Doubts always there

With the 100-year anniversary of reaching the moon is close, I still can witness a lot of people doubting that anyone went to the moon.

This doubt exists everywhere, west east , north, south. I think the far the event happens from the current moment, people like to dent and tend to believe it didn t happen. 

The issue is not just with arriving to the moon but its expand to real events. For example, people still denying that Jesus came to the earth and was crucified, and they intended to believe that this story is fake. 

Humans likes to deny facts or things that happened in the history even if the event was authenticated. There is no doubt that evil like us to doubt everything so at the end we don t have anything to believe in except the current moment.