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  • Tuesday ,16 July 2019

Egyptian media colleges

Suleiman Shafik

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Tuesday ,16 July 2019

Egyptian media colleges

I advised the high school students not to enter the media colleges as I see no bright future for such colleges with the information revolution. Many people told me it is a crisis that will end thinking it is a matter of personnels or curricula. In fact, the colleges of media were established in the pre-revolution communications, and the methods were determined mostly in the light of the industrial revolution. I am talking here about press, radio and television. At that time, there was clear visions and forms of media and press.

Now, the whole vision has changed with the social media and we moved to the electronic press.
Today, the cash is disappearing and multinational companies are taking responsibility of the markets. Even nationalities became commodity that are sold and bought. In our backward societies, media became more of a religious media.”
We are in a new phase, but the colleges are still using the old methods. Freedom of speech is decreasing and professional conscience retreat under the control of the capital. I wish the Supreme Council of Universities and media professors to hold scientific conferences to discuss this issue, and also the media colleges have to look for a solution.