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  • Wednesday ,17 July 2019

What after atheism?

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,17 July 2019

What after atheism?

In the matter of atheism, the Minister of Awqaf says: Religion is the pillar of life since life without religion lacks values and morals. He added that religion is the backbone to control the course of mankind on the right path. Traditions and laws can t control the movement of man in the universe unless this man has a close connection to his Creator. Once a wise man said: It is difficult and even impossible to assign a policeman or a guard  to each person in order to guard him and such guard may also need another guard to watch over him.

Pope Tawadros believes that the main reason for atheism is the lack of dialogue in society and not spending enough time with the family. He added that atheism is the greatest danger facing our society even with a little number of atheists. Pope said that man wants to rebel against the authority of God, and there are philosophies that emerged 100 years ago and paved the way for atheism. Such rebel appeared even within ones life when people fail to accept oneself and has to escape to addiction or crime.
Pope went on to say that there are many ways to confront the stubbornness of man, especially the atheists who rebel against the authority and presence of God in life. The first of these methods is dialogue, whether in the house, church or community. We have to have a good conversation with them and we have to be patient and to show our love. 
We can t assure atheism has become a phenomenon in our society since we don t have proper tools to measure it, especially as those who become atheists don t usually declare it in our religious society. Yet, there are indications that atheism is much bigger than we think in our society, especially among the youth between 20 to 30 years old.