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  • Wednesday ,24 July 2019
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Koum al-Raheb

by Ayman Mounir

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Wednesday ,24 July 2019

Koum al-Raheb

Another attack by followers of ISIS in Minya in a village that was originally inhabited by Coptic monks, just like Egypt was inhabited once by Copts. The village of Koum al-Raheb my have had several churches, but now it has only one that was shut down though it used to serve Copts from 7 other villages. Just imagine their suffering now after this church was also shut down. Furthermore, the fanatics decided to gather and set some properties of the Copts on fire and intimidate them.

 When can such persecution, hatred, intolerance and racism come to an end? Such rejection and intimidation comes in the name of God! The constitution and law are ignored and the funerals of the Copts are held in the streets. They claim that Omar refused to pray in a church to prevent Muslims from taking over it, but none of them show us Omar  s behavior and good deeds. 
We demand the reopen of the church and build other churches in the other villages, since Egypt is not your own property. We demand our right in building churches in a villages full of mosques and other Islamic service buildings. Our demands are supported by the Egyptian constitution and law. We don  t hate you, even though you may not hesitate to kill our children. We have taken too much, but let  s hope we will finally see justice.