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  • Tuesday ,30 July 2019

Mission Impossible of Johnson

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Tuesday ,30 July 2019

Mission Impossible of Johnson


British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson won the presidency of the ruling Conservative Party in Britain, prompting the British queen to commission him to form the government. Johnson s is known as the English version of Trump with his foolish and irresponsible responses and irresponsibility. Johnson is willing to move out of the EU even without an agreement  break-set without deal  
The European legislator refuses to negotiate a new agreement just like the European Commission. Thus, he only try to get Britain out without agreement, which is a real catastrophe for the British people. 
Going out without an agreement would mean a complete collapse of the British economy. Thousands or even millions of Englishmen would lose their jobs. Hundreds of major European industrial companies with factories in Britain would have to withdraw from Britain and drug companies are no exception, which might cause the death of many patients who will not find their medicine.
So the British find themselves inclined to repeat the dreaded referendum, in which they voted in favor of the exit, including the Remainers now group, who regretted accepting the divorce and want to take their yes back!
In fact, Johnson has a mission impossible between changing the mind of the Europeans or changing the mind of the British Parliament to accept no agreement scenario that will bring a disaster to the economy and health sectors. Another war may erupt between the Northern and Southern Irelands, which could result in another war such as the one that was interrupted by the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. In short, I hope that the English version of Trump wouldn t cause more disasters in the world.