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  • Wednesday ,31 July 2019

Senior Muslim Brotherhood member accuses leaders of corruption in leaked audio tape


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Wednesday ,31 July 2019

Senior Muslim Brotherhood member accuses leaders of corruption in leaked audio tape

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood journalist Omar Hassan has posted on Facebook an audio recording of a meeting of group leaders in Turkey where a leading member is accusing other high level members of financial corruption.

In the recording, a leading member believed to be Amir Bassam, accuses the current MB secretary-general Mahmoud Hussein, the MB representative in Africa Mahmoud El-Beheiry, and the MB spokesperson Ibrahim Mounir of being corrupt.
"How can anyone imagine that Mahmoud Hussein cruises around in a BMW worth 100,000 euros when the students here [in Turkey] struggle to get 200 Turkish Lira a month?" Amir can be heard saying on the tape.
Amir also said on the tape that Hussein and other leaders have admitted in their meetings to owning buildings and cars in their names.
Apart from the companies around the globe owned by Brotherhood members, the MB has been depending on donations from its wealthy members as a major source of financing after the confiscation of its members  companies and assets in Egypt, which has designated the group a terrorist organisation.
It is not clear who Amir is speaking to in the tape.
Amir has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the recording. He said on Tuesday that he expresses his opinions on his personal Facebook account and that he is open to discussing his views.
While insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood was "pure," he did say on his Facebook account, however, that there have been mistakes committed by Brotherhood leaders and members.
On the other hand, Hassan, who released the recording, said that he did not care if the “pro-regime” media in Egypt use the audio leak against the group, “but the current leadership of the Brotherhood has left us no choice.”
In another post, he said that if the leaders of the group do not step down from their posts for the sake of the “youth starving in Turkey,” he would release another audio recording of an advisor to Egypt s late president Mohamed Morsi speaking about the "mercenaries and corrupt" individuals leading things in the Muslim Brotherhood.