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  • Monday ,05 August 2019

No place is like home

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Friday ,02 August 2019

No place is like home
The Egyptian Ministry of Emigration is launching a campaign to encourage Egyptians abroad to visit Egypt aiming to improve the tourism industry. However Egypt is indeed full of great touristic places and sightseeings; we do need to make the best of them in order to make the tourists enjoy their visit more.
In the Netherlands, I visited a number of museums that are few decades old, but the government is really using them and planned to make visiting them fun as well as an easy task with nice bus system and a decent tour guide that you can find in the streets.
Moreover, we need to make the best of our monuments, and not just ignore some of them for no good reason, like the path of the holy family project that was included on the pilgrimage program of the Vatican and excluded from the urgent development plan of the Egyptian government.