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  • Friday ,09 August 2019

Terrorism kill only innocents

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,11 August 2019

Terrorism kill only innocents

Again, we see more innocents died in a terrorist attack and not just innocents, but sick people hardly can leave and walk to save their lives. I refer to the terrorism attack happened in down town Cairo, Egypt in front of the national cancer care. 

There is no doubt that Egypt has weaknesses in the security measures taken all over the country. I don t imagine that a car full of bombs can go downtown Egypt without any one investigation from the security.
I believe that no country can have security 100%, however, taking the necessary measures to prevent terrorist attack is very important especially in a country like Egypt.
Every time, I see hope that Egypt will back to be safe so tourists can come and enjoy Egypt again but unfortunately, the black terrorism come and demolish this dream.
I want to confirm again that facing terrorism by security measures is very important sand I still believe that it shouldn t be the only way.