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  • Monday ,12 August 2019

Habit and worship

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Friday ,09 August 2019

Habit and worship

What will state officials say after reading these views, and will Egypt s women continue to be treated as intimate parts of the human body or simply genitals. Their hair is seen like a real sex organ though God has created it on the top of their body like a crown and shouldn t be hidden by hijab or niqab.

I am talking in that topic though I am not a Muslim man, but this sectarian dress cause damage in my homeland and affects citizenship badly though it doesn t have a strong base in the Holy Quran. 
This was clearly declared by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar who said that headscarf is not mentioned in the Quran and assured that wearing the veil and niqab is a mere culture that has nothing to do with religion.
In fact, this dress was dedicated for the Jewish women and was adopted by the extremists. History proved that until 1974 there was no such phenomenon, which is unique in Egypt and Israel. 
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian queens and first ladies till 2010 have never put on that sectarian dress. I assure that Egyptian ladies are not nuns and wearing the veil is not a personal freedom, but a religious discriminatory uniform.