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  • Friday ,16 August 2019

Sudan s Freedom and Change Revolutionary Front to continue dialogue on peace document after Cairo talks

by Al ahram

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Friday ,16 August 2019

Sudan s Freedom and Change Revolutionary Front to continue dialogue on peace document after Cairo talks

 Delegations of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC) and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front agreed to continue Cairo dialogue on the outstanding points to reach an agreement on the peace document attached to the constitutional document.

The Revolutionary Front confirmed at a joint press conference on Thursday held at the end of Cairo talks that Egypt was keen on peace in Sudan.
The front also thanked Egypt for its support to Sudanese people, adding that Cairo s initiative complemented the African mediation and the meetings in Addis Ababa and Juba.
Revolutionary Front leader Yasser Arman pledged their presence to participate in the celebration on 17 August, which will take place after the return of the delegation of freedom and change to Khartoum, and explain what was discussed in Cairo to the leadership of the forces of change, saying "If the issues are resolved, a delegation from the front will attend to Khartoum."
Arman said the meeting with the forces of freedom and change was a continuation of attention to issues of peace and citizenship in Sudan.
The Transitional Military Council and DFC forces agreed earlier this month on a constitutional declaration to govern the transitional period following months of political instability.
The armed movements -- operating under the Revolutionary Front -- expressed reservations over the document signed with the military council, noting that it failed to include the “peace paper” that was approved in Addis Ababa. Current meetings in Cairo are aimed at resolving this matter.
In return, Omar Al-Dukair, a prominent member of the DFC, said the transitional phase in Sudan was necessary to strengthen the state s national identity, end conflicts and build a solid democracy and balanced external relations.
The DFC spokesman confirmed that Egypt has made great efforts to achieve the objectives of the Sudanese revolution by hosting DFC meetings with the delegation of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.
"We are keen in the coming period to complete the peace process in Sudan," said Abbas Madani.
He added that all parties are serious and eager to achieve peace as soon as possible and to complete the talks in the coming period.
The leader of the DFC, Wajdi Saleh, confirmed the existence of a number of outstanding issues during the meetings in Cairo.
Saleh said during the press conference that talks between the two sides are continuing to reach a permanent peace agreement.
Egypt hosted talks between the forces of freedom and change and the Revolutionary Front after the latter announced its reservation concerning a number of central issues in the constitutional declaration, which was signed on 4 August.