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  • Friday ,16 August 2019

Al-Ahly team

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,17 August 2019

Al-Ahly team

In general, I don t write so much in sports, however, I find myself today want to talk about Al-Ahly team. Al-Ahly soccer team lost lately from the pyramids team for the fourth time in a row.

Me and All fan of Al-Ahly got frustrated that Al-Ahly can t win one time this team because this is not the team we know. Al-Ahly get used to be strong and be able to defend its pride every time play, however, this time we feel that the players don t care to defend their pride or compensate for the last 4 loses against the same team.  
Turki Al-Shiekh, the founder of the Club could achieve what many Clubs couldn t achieve in many years. Al-Sheikh all could proof that if you have money and good administration you can build a good team and achieve good results.
Al-Ahly club needs to review its policy and the plan for the soccer team because this is not the team we get used to see and love to watch.