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  • Friday ,23 August 2019

Salah is not an angel

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Friday ,23 August 2019

Salah is not an angel
Lately a lot of media and people started to attack MOhamad Salah especially after his interview with CNN. Im not writing this article to defend Mohamad Salah neither to attack him. 
Mohamad Salah like any person can do wrong and can do right. We have to encourage him when he does good and try to consider him human when he does wrong. 
Salah is a professional player and tries to do everything professionally, however, he is human as well and can say or do something not right because there is no one perfect. 
I believe that Salah influenced with the negative speech about him lately and while he was trying to prove his ability to be perfect started to be selfish in the court with his friends in liverpool.
Salah has to play for the team not for himself and he has to back quickly to cooperate with his players in the team and he has always to remember that he is not an angel and its ok to make mistakes but these mistakes shouldn’t affect his focus with the team