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  • Tuesday ,27 August 2019

Changing the Coptic culture

by Maher Youssef

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Tuesday ,27 August 2019

Changing the Coptic culture

 It is strange that  Egypt s Christians  only protest when a church is closed or a Coptic Christian girl escapes with her Muslim lover. However, she and her lover know nothing about Islam or Christianity.

I believe that refusing to appoint a Copt in a teaching job at the university only because he is a Christian, which is unfair discrimination that deserves protest.
Equal citizenship should be demanded like muslims enjoy their rights in Europe. Copts have to change their culture of protest since their are many things that deserve such protest rather than converting of Coptic women or building churches. This is the reason to decent life and freedom, or else the Copts will stay as Dhimmis behind the walls of churches.