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  • Thursday ,29 August 2019

Returning to homeland

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Thursday ,29 August 2019

Returning to homeland

 In a television interview with Farouk El-Baz in 1999, the presenter asked him about the time he will return back home along with all Egyptian scientists abroad in order to develop their own homeland. El-Baz said they should stay abroad to benefit from the valid experience and the is way they can benefit the homeland.

Dr. Ahmed Mostagir, the late great scientist in genetic engineering, has been demanding the following: 
• Create a good atmosphere for scientific research.
• Invest in science because its returns is much more than investing in anything else. 
Mostagir added that we should invest in minds more than we do on football. He hated football and said we should abandon it to care more for science. The state and private sector should both invest in such researches. All institutions in Egypt should unite to support Egyptians experts abroad and improve their national role.
Egypt s Ministry of Finance said that the government is keen on supporting local industries and benefit from natural resources in order to contribute to the advancement of the national economy, provide more job opportunities for young people, improve the structure of growth and raise its rates to become more sustainable and diversified. According to the agency Bloomberg America, Egypt is the fastest-growing economy in the Middle East which reflects the great opportunities and the promising atmosphere in Egypt in addition to its prominent location between Africa and Asia.
I was delighted to know that Egypt is benefiting from German expertise and creating real opportunities for investment in many modern industrial fields, which was declared by general abdul Monim Taras, head of the Arab body for manufacturing, concerning the new projects with the German party.