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  • Friday ,30 August 2019

Tennis is more than a game

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,30 August 2019

Tennis is more than a game

I get used to love tennis and watch it and also get used to play Tennis because Tennis is not just a game but is more than a game. There is a recent study states that people play tennis are more healthy and tend to be positive. 

When you watch legend like Federer, Nadal you feel that you want to play this game even if you dont have an idea about this game. Tennis is enjoyable and you can live the excitement during a whole Grand Slam. 

US open which is the last Grand Slam this year is running now and as always a lot of excitement happens all over the champion, however, you can learn that a talent only is not enough to win and be good in a game or at anything in life. 

The Australian Nick Kyrgios is one of the most talented tennis players now days, however, he is like a child in a court. He always swear and not trying to do his best while playing and thats why most of the time lose from not famous player and win the most famous player like Nadal and Federer. 

A talent is not enough to be good, there are many factors needed to be perfect in such game.