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  • Friday ,30 August 2019

Patristic Studies

Father Asanasius

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Sunday ,01 September 2019

Patristic Studies

Perhaps the answer of Jesus to the cry of some of the Pharisees who called to Him from the crowd “Teacher rebuke Your disciples” , Jesus answered and said to them “I tell you that if these should keep silent ,the stones would immediately cry out” .Luke 19,39-4, can not be applied to the glorious city of OXFORD > For the simple reason that the stones of this city united with the scientists , professors , historians , theologians , priests , monks , don,t keep silent m but tell us , about the miracles of God in history . I can say with John in his book of Revelation that “ … I looked and behold a great multitude ( one thousand people in the conference ) of all nations , tribes ,peoples , and tongues , standing before the throne of the Logos …” . They come from the great tribulation of ignorance and heresies , but the try every day to wash their robes and made them white in the bloody science of the Lamb . They follow the great fathers who said once “ You have to give blood , in order to take Spirit “. The blood of hard work and deep studies “ …in stripes , in imprisonments , in tumults , in sleeplessness , in fastings , by purity , by knowledge , by lon sufferings , by kindness , by the Holy Spirit , by sincere love “ 2 Corinthians 6 ,4-7. Those theologians send , through their feast of the fathers of the Church , a clear message to those who have “ bitter envy and self -seeking n their hearts , who do not boast and lie against the truth” James 13. Those people follow their own minds and divide or mingle the two basic diamensios of Christian life and theolog into an inner fight between spirituality and science , between heart and mind (the two terms are one in Egyptian language and culture Heet ), between Christ of the simple and Christ of the learned ! They have never understood the cy of saint Paul addressed to the divised Corinthians “Is Christ divided ?” 1 Corinthians 1,13 . These people of science gathered in The university of Oxford are seeking the truth of the Bible lived by the ascetics, translated in the Λειτουργία

,read by the people , and explained by fathers. The are not searching for theology that is like “ a dark cat in a dark room” as our professor of Patristic theology told us in Athens in the eighteenth of the past century. They reject this slogan that “ While the scientists are studying theology , the simple people are stealing the kingdom !” . This is not the patristic conception of global salvation .This is a blasphemy against the great potential of the human mind .
We were hosted by Oxford Faculty of Theology with its halls and decorations of the Middle Ages .There were short communications of 20 minutes , 15 m. for the speaker , 3 m, discussion and 2 m , to have the time to run like small children to the other halls to attend other theme . We did not follow the slogan “Back to the fathers “ with its anachronism , but “ forward with the Fathers with our new and contemporary Savoir -Vivre” Our conference covers the period from the first century to the eighth . We believe in what S. Paul has said in his Epistle to the Hebrews 11,40“…that God having provided something better for us , that they (the fathers…)should not be made perfect apart from us”. A well known prof. “a woman”.gave a magistral lecture , for one hour , about (the fathers and the post-modernism). These scientists do not follow “cunningly devised fables “ 2Peter,1-16”, but they are making known to every one the power and coming of our Jesus Christ in history . All the Christian family gathered in Oxford , all confessions , they were conscious of the injuries of history and the divisions of the past , they are seeking objective dialogue of science and lov