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  • Friday ,06 September 2019

Strong Independent Woman

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Friday ,06 September 2019

Strong Independent Woman

 The term Strong Independent Woman has become very famous in Egypt and was criticized  by many men thinking that those strong independent women are suffering from mental illness.  

Strong independent women are independent and powerful though they may have internal beauty, tenderness, beauty and femininity.
They are strong since they learned to be reliable and help the others. Such strength is related to her soul just like her body. They have to be strong in order to face all kinds of human beings in her regular day.
She is financially independent and can provide for herself and even her family if her husband is not able or willing to work! We can find many women like that in our society. 
To those who mock those women, I say that they had to be so since their men were not reliable and the self independent women had to be so in order to keep their pride. 
No woman likes to be man and woman at the same time, but their men didn’t protect or provide for them. They apparently don’t like to work harder and harder. Yet, many women were let down by their men. Thus, they had no choice other than being a self independent women.