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  • Friday ,06 September 2019

Sudan and the democracy

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,07 September 2019

Sudan and the democracy

Recently Sudan could reach agreement for having a prime minister that will help in setting up more stability in Sudan after long time of instability in one of the most unstable countries in Africa.

Sudan is a rich country with its natural resources however, the wars this country is going through from decades has great impact on its progress.
Sudan divided into south and north and Darfour war was fatal one so when we hear the news about that progress in the political process we feel excited to see a peaceful transition although the casualties happened after trying to distract the demonstrators in Khartoum.
The only thing we might be worried about is if the Al-Bashier and his group will leave Sudan to develop and go toward democracy or we will see another attempt at a coup.
Days only will prove if Sudan will go back to being a democratic country after a long time of wars and disputes. We all wish the best for the Sudanese people and for the political process to continue peacefully.