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  • Tuesday ,10 September 2019

Authentic Identity

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Tuesday ,10 September 2019

Authentic Identity

 On the 15th anniversary on the founding of the Coptic United website, I remember the situation happened with those working at the website. Eng. Adly Abadir invited me from Geneva to attend an important meeting with an Egyptian official in Zurich who was able to help the Coptic cause at that time.

Abadir asked me and my colleagues to give the official a warm welcome in order to take the opportunity to show him all Coptic issues and try to find solutions. At that time, he commissioned me to write a legal note of rights and violations for the Coptic cause in order to present it to the Egyptian official.
I did the job and presented the file, but Eng. Adly saw something that made him angry. I asked for the rights in a police form, but he said we don’t big for our rights. We are the authentic identity and the origin. He didn’t talk to me for one week after that and mocked me in front of my colleagues assuring that I shouldn’t do that again.
Since then, I learned that we do not seek the rights and duties of anyone and we shouldn’t compromise knowing our value and that we are the origin and authenticity. Some may claim that we have rights and duties and so do they, but in fact, Copts are the origin of this country.