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  • Thursday ,19 September 2019

Secularism and Atheism in Australia

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,19 September 2019

Secularism and Atheism in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is a democratic country with a great history and civilization of 200 years. Its cities are included in the list of the best cities in the world. Thanks to the policy of immigration that welcomed many people from different religions and races and granted them all freedoms, rights and duties. The country has included many civilizations and cultures and its minister of immigration became a multicultural ambassador for citizenship.

Immigrants from the Middle East, Europe and Asia arrived in Australia in Great numbers in the 60s till today because of wars and seeking better standards of living, in addition to legal and illegal new comers of refugees. 
Australian citizens till the 80s, enjoyed safety and freedom of religion. However, negative side of freedom started to appear as many people tried to impose their traditions languages and ideas. They try to change the cultures and traditions of the society and try to remove religious signs from religion establishments like Christian hospitals and schools, and prevent religious celebrations.
It was strange to find many officials supporting such weird demands under the silence of the church leaders that separated between religion and politics.
Freedom was misused by transsexuals and homosexuals supported by the government and members of the Parliament. They tried to pass a law for gay marriage that contradicts with Christianity and the law was passed even though the opposition and the church tried hard to prevent that.
The law of abortion was prepared by the same current of atheism, but the church and the opposition are still fighting to prevent that law. The parliament of New South Wales will discuss the law and decide which current will win this round.