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  • Friday ,20 September 2019

Will Egypt witness another revolution

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 September 2019

Will Egypt witness another revolution

After the actor “ Mohamad Ali” released many videos about the corruption in the army and how Sisi is caring more to build presidential palaces than caring to build the Egyptian people, all is asking will that lead to another revolution?

In my opinion such videos might increase the pressure on Sisi to open the field to more political reforms and freedom of speech but not necessary to a new revolution. 
Also, we need to put into our consideration something is very important which is; if the army didn t support any public movements, any revolution will not be able step down Sisi by itself. 
In fact, people has to recognize that Mubarak regime was old and when you are older you get weaker but Sisi s regime is still starting his period comparing to Mubarak and that s why stepping such regime will never be easy mission. 
In conclusion, the demonstrations show that people are not happy with the economic and political policies that Sisi adopt but will Sisi listen to such voices or will he ignore it as previous regime until it explodes?