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  • Friday ,27 September 2019

Me or the chaos again

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,28 September 2019

Me or the chaos again

Again the media tries to give the Egyptian people one choice which is Sisi or the chaos but Who wants to live in the chaos or turmoil?

As always Egyptian don t have many choices in their life either politically or economically. Now and now only Sisi media ask people to come and talk and Sisi will let listen to you.
Unfortunately, Sisi and all regimes don t listen to people pain unless a disaster coming their way and wants to avoid it as soon as possible.
Egyptian suffered a lot from inflation and economic problems and the current regime is busy building new palace to himself as he plans to stay in power for a long time as his precedents.
I m not hopeful about the coming movement and demonstrations. Also , I m not hopeful that Sisi will care to do anything to Egyptian who suffer poverty and stress simply because he is busy building rocks not the Egyptian people.