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  • Tuesday ,15 October 2019

Winging the Nobel Prize

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Tuesday ,15 October 2019

Winging the Nobel Prize

 Abi Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, who won the Nobel Prize is a brilliant politician who has done a lot for his country. I like what he did even though he caused harm to Egypt by developing his country on our expenses.

He resolved peace in the region, released political prisoners in Ethiopia, made a comprehensive reconciliation, and received in his office the opponents who were exiled and sentenced to death. He respected rights and freedoms and democracy and ended the state of emergency in the country as prat of the political reform policy.
Abi Ahmed also won awards from religious leaders, as well as high international awards for his historic role in national unity and the establishment of internal peace in his country
He excreted efforts to release Ethiopian detainees abroad and signed agreements with other countries to find  several seaports for his Landlocked country. He reconciled with Eritrea and ended the border conflict with it and also agreed with them to use their ports, which means the neutralization of the most important ally of Egypt. He also signed an agreement with France to build a naval fleet for Ethiopia and train its staff and protect the country which means neutralizing Egypt s allies as well after conducting joint exercises with the US military in July.
His government renewed the joint defense agreements with India, brought in the highest foreign direct investment in the entire East Africa region, convinced Chinese factories to move its textile industries in Ethiopia instead of Bangladesh after a crises, and persuaded Turkey to invest $ 2.5 billion in Ethiopia. He also gave China and other countries the opportunity to buy and lease agricultural land in the areas that will benefit from the Renaissance Dam Lake, which means they will be interested in completing the project for their own interests, not to mention the loans of the Chinese banks to complete the project. Furthermore, he allowed Chinese companies to invest in electricity and electronics projects which means their benefits are linked to the Renaissance dam.
Ethiopian Airlines under his era became the first in Africa and made a net profit equivalent to 6 billion Egyptian pounds. He had a great role in spreading peace in southern Sudan and in northern Sudan, he had a very strong vital role in the Sudanese revolution and helped the military council and the rebels to reach the current agreement.
This man made the greatest achievement for his country including freedom, national reconciliation, democracy, peaceful transfer of power, and many political reforms. He is only 42 years old and we can t compete with him.