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  • Friday ,18 October 2019

The return of conscience

Medhat Bishay

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Friday ,18 October 2019

The return of conscience
President Sisi affirmed in a meeting with a group of Egyptian scientists that the system of values and ethics in the society is the first ruler of the behavior of citizens and plays an important role in development. Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, a member of the Council of Egyptian Scholars, stated that the members of the Council offered President Abdel Fattah El Sisi the establishment of a committee for development of ethics and conscience, and to promote the values of work and belonging. They suggested that the commitee works under the auspices of the Presidency and supported by Al-Azhar, education and the media, and assuring the economic and social situation should be improved so that the moral content of individuals may improve.
"Here in Egypt conscience was born" said James Henry in his book "Dawn of Conscience”. However, in Egypt and our entire Arab region, we live in an atmosphere that tends to turn away from positive values that are vital elements to achieve Progress. Intellectuals and faithful leaders are find it difficult to understand the values and practices of the people.
We are now following how many employees refrain from working hard using many idioms and sayings that accumulated over time and only reflect corruption, negligence and bureaucracy. 
Our children are receiving expired education that encourages them to negligence and justifies laziness. Moreover, our official media have been spreading fake information and values that is far from reality.
Officials only care for positions, regulations and social relevance more than doing their jobs properly. In the past, the cultural and scientific scene was full of pioneers in thought, literature, philosophy and science, but now we have mostly bad idols of actors and football players.
The Egyptian media in general is facing a real challenge to return to the scene and compete with other media. As Tawfiq al-Hakim had wrote about  the return of the soul , we are now in dire need to restore our conscience.