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  • Wednesday ,23 October 2019

The police and the citizen

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Wednesday ,23 October 2019

The police and the citizen

 The Egyptians praise the honorable and dedicated role played by the police for protecting the country against all dangers, and they express their sincere appreciation for the security vigilance being made to prevent crime, as well as their gratitude for all the sacrifices of the security men and the price they pay and the martyrs and injured people they offer. This kind of appreciation is kind of offering a shield of heroism, dignity, and pride to every individual and rank in the security apparatus.

The good relationship between citizens and police derived not only from their vital role in keeping the streets safe, but also for  showing mutual respect  and reverence for the law. Any violations to the rights of the people by policemen may affect that relationship and image. Thus, it is the duty of security chiefs to investigate the violations and take all necessary measures to assure the public about their freedom and dignity.
During the last few weeks, there have been repeated complaints of incidents of police violations after many people have been  stopped to be asked to check their IDs, and surprisingly, their smart phones, which was denounced later by the National Council of Human Rights. The law says that any search of personal belongings or property, apart from identity documents, can only be conducted upon a warrant issued by the public prosecution or the legal investigation authorities. Such warrants are never general in nature; they do not apply collectively but individually, to serve specific legal purposes. 
On the other side, the Ministry of Interior said on its official page that the information included in the statement by the National Council of Human Rights was based on unreliable sources that attempt to sow confusion and tension on the Egyptian street, and that all the cases searched or caught had been according to full legal proceedings, but this was not the information I got from several eye witnesses. The confusion and tension on the Egyptian street was caused by the police’s unwarranted search of individuals’ mobile phones, which was not carried out according to the law. These incidents have raised fears of renewed police tyranny and may destroy the good relationship between police and citizens.