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  • Thursday ,24 October 2019

To Abi Ahmed

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Thursday ,24 October 2019

To Abi Ahmed

 The Ethiopian PM Abi Ahmed, man of peace, is now waving the bloody shirt before his country s parliament. This comes after he prevented the Ethiopian-Eritrean border war, which is no different from the common border in the waters between the Nile Basin countries. He should realizes that sovereignty over the waters of the Nile is restricted by the non-emergence of armed conflict. 

Certainly, he should have learned this when he got the Nobel Peace Prize the other day. There is no need for antisemitism and arrogance in front of your people, especially when it comes to war. 
Even if you have a legal right to build the dam, the nature of water issues is both legal and political. Negotiations to avoid damage and armed conflict are the best solution. It was better for you to try to lower the tension than to increase it by threatening war. 
"Some say things about the use of force (by Egypt). It must be emphasized that there is no force that can prevent Ethiopia from building this dam," Ethiopia s prime minister told parliament. "If there is a need to go to war, we can mobilize millions, and if some can fire a missile, others can use bombs, which is not in our interests."
Abi Ahmed said: Some say things about the use of force by Egypt, I must emphasize that no force can prevent Ethiopia from building the dam, and if there is a need to go to war, we can mobilize millions of soldiers. If a party can fire a missile, the other can use bombs.