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  • Friday ,25 October 2019

Why Egypt drawn?

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,25 October 2019

Why Egypt drawn?

Recently Egypt was facing a lot of rain and that causes the country to be flooded with water and that cause a mess as the country doesn t have the proper sewer system that could contain all this water. 

Unfortunately, there is misadministration in Egypt most probably cause this problem to happen and repeated every year. Egypt now suffers from lack of water because of “Renaissance Dam” that Ethiopia is building, however, we can t see an y strategic plan to use this free water coming from heaven.

The army can t control everything in the country and must leave the opportunity to people who are specialized in that field to take over and find a solution not just to the flood Egypt suffer from because of the rain. 

In fact, president Sisi must recognize that letting the army to be responsible for everything is not the right decision to make. The army needs to recognize that the people of Egypt should have the chance to work as well and find a solution for the problems they are facing. 

In conclusion, I want to assure that Egypt has to find a way to use the water come for rain. It is a natural resources Egypt must benefit from especially with shortage of water that Egypt suffer from.