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  • Wednesday ,06 November 2019

Asma and Shaarawy

by Sheikh Mostafa Rashed

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Wednesday ,06 November 2019

Asma and Shaarawy

 After the TV presenter Asma Sherif Mounir apologized for criticizing the late Sheikh Mohamed Metwaly Shaarawy and describing his views as extreme, the famous presenter Amr Adib hosted Sheikh Habib Jafry and praised her apology as if Arabs don’t have the right to cretisize and they only have to blindly obey without thinking, though it was OK to criticize even Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Sheikh Jafry considered her views an attack against Islam though he was the one to call for the establishment of the warring Islamic caliphate and called for jihad against non-Muslims. 

This means that Shaarawy is the founder of the Islamic State and I believe that those who defend him are offending Islam. They don’t really understand what they are doing, and they are supporting terrorism. Those people are the reason of retardation in our country as long as they advocate things against true religion like Jihad with weapons and killing apostate and killing those who leave prayer and the sanctity of the transfer of organs and call for the Islamic Caliphate to fight infidels and that befriending a Christian is equal to infidelity. They prohibit congratulating Christians on their holidays and prohibit the benefits of banks and advocate stoning as an Islamic law.
These are small part of the views of Shaarawy, which is sanctified and followed by Jafari. They, we should not be amazed when our children die in terrorist attacks every now and then! I believe that media personnel and the government are responsible for terrorist by advocating such extreme ideas. I have declared these ideas before Sheikh Sharawy when I was a student of the Faculty of Sharia and Law and he was very angry at me.