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  • Friday ,08 November 2019

Take it easy on McCain s family

by Mahfouz Maximus

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Friday ,08 November 2019

Take it easy on McCain s family

 The reactions to the family of Majdi McCain, who was killed by the police officer Karim Magdy because of torture inside the police department varied. Magdi s family had to change their testimony, and torturiang them is a kind of continuing injustice.

They decided to be realistic knowing they are poor and weak. They are not trying to be ideal like those on Facebook and human rights activists. They lost a poor father from a low class who was killed by an officer of the elite. They are simply embracing fire.
I hope we don t describe them as deceitful and don t destroy the rest of their dignity. They realize we live in a forest where the survival is for the strongest. They only demand to live in peace in such forest.
If we want to do justice to Majdi McCain, we all have to change ourselves and abandon our class classifications and racist views of each other. In our community, we always create pharos and follow the rules of forests and like to classify people as masters and slaves