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  • Wednesday ,13 November 2019

Religious Celebrations

By-Mahfouz Maximus

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Wednesday ,13 November 2019

Religious Celebrations

Religious Celebrations in Egypt reveal Schizophrenia of security and clergy since police only care about collecting money from the businessmen, I mean clergy! Police take money from the church and impose road traffic fees to collect money from the visitors.

It is ironic that the security presence does not appear inside the celebrations and is limited to the gates in spite of the  existence of millions of people. It is even more ridiculous is the Church s blessing of the celebrations, despite the fact that millions of human lives are under imminent danger. Millions of souls may be under attack, and yet the church cares only about money of the naive blessings collectors.
Such celebrations are not suitable for humans beings with bad smells, no public bathrooms, and full of sexual harassment and other crimes covered inside the overcrowded gatherings. Bishops sometimes decide to extend the celebrations in order to double the income!
In short, Visiting the holy places and taking blessings from them is not limited to a certain time, you can visit them at all times without risking the lives of your family and children and do not rely on heavenly protection as they teach the people. The Bible says, Can one walk on hot coals,
And his feet not be seared? (Proverbs 6: 22) The victims of any terrorist attack against such celebrations will indeed be called martyrs and their relics will be used to found a new celebration!