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  • Thursday ,14 November 2019

CTV Channel

by Mahfouz Maximus

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Thursday ,14 November 2019

CTV Channel

 Upon the emergence of a new trend, I used to enjoy watching and discussing with those I trust, and then I write my point of view. The fact that the Coptic reaction to the sudden changes in the CTV channel and the popular anger that they expressed through the social media pages is an implicit expression of the (state of oppression) and (the feeling of weakness). This reading is not an absurd analysis, but was made based on psychological foundations and based on the so-called psychological evaluation and protective factors. 

The CTV channel was for the Copts the media window that expresses their identity and discussed Coptic problems even if they do not offer solutions. The sense of oppression and inferiority made Copts seek protection in the channel and consider it a holy place as a (protection factor). I compare this to converting churches in the West into mufflers or night cafes. People don’t protest on such conversion in the West since the law is their protection factor that protects freedom of worship.
The problem here is that the Copts have ‘suffered from oppression and marginalization that caused them to rise up for the remaining protection factors and their fear of losing it and returning to Trigger factors or risk factors. The Copts forgot that the channel is an investment business set up by a good man who was generous, but his son have now a different vision in running the business.
I do not criticize the angry reactions, but I look at the reasons and motives in order to get the big picture and analyze the factors that formed the Coptic personality which is the harvest of centuries of coercive and sectarian practices.