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  • Monday ,25 November 2019

Eastern Orthodox Churches discuss Church melodies

Naim Youssef

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Monday ,25 November 2019

Eastern Orthodox Churches discuss Church melodies

 A number of bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Churches held a meeting yesterday in the Church of St. Mark in Klot Bai to discuss the melodies and hymns among the various churches. 

The media center of the church said that the meeting was attended by Bishop Rafael of the central Cairo churches, and Bishop Ashod, representative of the Armenian Church, as well as representatives from all eastern Orthodox Churches.
The churches of the Eastern Orthodox family participated in the melodies in the various traditional languages of the churches, namely Coptic, Syriac, Armenian. the Amharic (Ethiopian Church) and Tigrinya (Eritrean Church), Arabic, and the language of Geez shared by the Ethiopian and Eritrean churches.