• 02:14
  • Friday ,29 November 2019

Believe it or not

by Sheikh Mustafa Rashid

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Friday ,29 November 2019

Believe it or not

 Statistics show that the Yemen war has cost both parties $ 950 billion to date, while the Iraq war cost $ 640 billion and the Syrian war 680 billion dollars, Libya war 390 billion dollars, Somalia war 190 billion dollars, and the Sudan wars 120 billion dollars!

Imagine with me if the Arabs, especially the rulers were wise or patriotic enough to use this money for the welfare of the people. This money would have been enough to convert all Arab citizens to a higher standard of living than Europe, America, Australia and all rich countries. Yet, the Arab rulers prefer destroying the country to leaving their palaces.
Arab culture does not know true peace and encourage sectarianism. Each party can call the other infidel and simply start war with it without trying to talk first.
They simply accuse America, Israel and the West of inciting war as if Arabs are babies who lack understanding. In fact, violence and blood has been all around our history even before the emergence of Israel or America.
Will we continue to deceit ourselves and play the same blame game over and over with the West or will we wake up and hold ourselves accountable before God will judge us and we lose everything.