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  • Thursday ,05 December 2019

We make most of our medicines

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Thursday ,05 December 2019

We make most of our medicines

 I was happy to hear statement of Egypt’s Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, who said that Egypt has succeeded in providing most of the medicines in a national industry. She added that the ministry is keen to develop the medicine industry and its regulation and control of the market, and encourage local pharmaceutical industries, and the manufacture of medical supplies and cosmetics. 

During the opening of the first Al-Ahram conference for the pharmaceutical industry under the title: Challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, Zayed revealed that the local pharmaceutical production represents 80% and the imported is 20%, assuring that the industry has become one of the strategic industries that affect national security by all standards. 
She clarified that prices are affordable for the families and reasonable for the industry. One of the achievement in that account is the local industry was able to overcome the problem of insulin deficiency in Egypt after it succeeded in covering and providing all types of insulin, in addition to entering the pharmaceutical industry of oncology.
It is worth mentioning here that the effective partnership between the government and the private sector led to manufacture and provide treatment for the virus C at a low price compared to the world average. I appreciate this great idea that relieved pain of many patients in Egypt.